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Best Places to Meet Cougars – Flirt With Mature Older Single Women

Are you interested in dating mature women? Are you wondering where to meet cougars?

Dating older women can be very rewarding. They are usually wise, educated, and confident, which is a very attractive combination. But you already know this, right?

The tricky part is figuring out how to meet an older woman. Their lifestyles and schedules mean typical meet-cutes at the club or work might not happen.

In this article, you will learn how to meet mature women. I will teach about:

  • the best places to meet cougars
  • the best cougar dating sites to use
  • and finally how to flirt with mature women

Where to meet older women and cougars in general?

First thing’s first, let us get you your silver-haired goddess. Figuring out places where to meet cougars is honestly as easy as understanding what they are interested in. For the most part, their age comes with refined tastes.

Below is a list of the best places to find and meet an older woman.

Old-school bars

Old-school bars are a great place for meeting mature women as they have more of a disco vibe and a matching playlist. Here, you will find the badass mature single women who are still holding on to their youth. The setting makes it easy to approach them and strike up a conversation that could lead to the two of you forming a bond.

Cover band concerts & music venues

Meet Mature At Concerts

Cover bands attract two types of women. The old souls in young peoples’ bodies who are into retro music and cougars who still know how to have fun. Older women usually go there with their partners, so if you spot one alone, then you can make your move drama-free.

High-end restaurants, upscale bars, and country clubs

If you are a young man looking to date older women, then you will have to develop a taste for the finer things in life. Your future silver cougar is probably lounging at some upscale hotel bar right now, waiting for you to come jazz up her life. You could go to these locations as a guest or even get a job there if you want to increase your success rate.

Wine festivals

That is by far the most fun and best place to meet cougars. Older women just love good wine!

However, it is not enough to show up, get toasted, and hit on them. If you want to impress them and stand out, then you will have to study up on your wine lingo. No one expects you to be a wine connoisseur overnight, but a little knowledge of the craft will get you a long way with these ladies.

Charity events

This idea works well if you are looking to meet a financially well-off older woman. A lot of them love to spend their time giving back to charity. Participating actively in multiple organizations will increase your chances of getting your very own seasoned lover.

Niche single’s mixers

If these traditional and unplanned methods aren’t working out, then you should try organized activities like mixers. Some are specially designed to connect age group niche lovers. Here, you will find single older women already open to the idea of dating younger guys, which will make your job a lot easier.

Best Sites to Meet Cougars

Finally, when considering where to meet older ladies, you should have many cougar dating sites high on your options list.

The dating sites like the ones we’ll talk about below will help you to meet older singles conveniently. Some are niche sites dedicated to connecting older single ladies with younger men, especially those who are looking for an affair. Others allow you to set your sights on the specific age group you are interested in for long-term relationships.

Here are a few excellent cougar dating sites where you can meet older women easily:

This site will give you a whole new appreciation of the “foxy forties” group with all their attractive older singles. It seems like attractiveness is a criterion because everywhere you look, there is someone who is totally rocking their retirement years.

One standout feature of is that it features singles from all over the world. Therefore, if you are open to having an international fling, then you will definitely be pleased with all the options there.

This site works more or less like any other dating platform. You have to sign up, create your bio, and then start your search for the perfect match. They also care a lot about your security and ensure this through their verification process and anti-scam programs.

This site is not for the faint of heart and caters to a more risqué crowd. It is a general site with people of all ages, sexual preferences, and even nationalities. However, it has a good number of mature ladies, which means that you have a pool of singles to choose from.

The award-winning platform is ideal if you want to cut to the chase and find someone who is interested in having some casual fun. And in the process should something grow out of it then it will definitely be a welcomed bonus.

If you want to find a cougar who is not afraid to let loose, then you might just find your perfect match on this site.

Cougar Life is the perfect dating app for younger men who want to date older women. It’s specifically targeted to the older demographic and has thousands of profiles of mature ladies looking for love and romance. In fact, with about 150 000 active weekly profiles, Cougar Life is one of the best cougar dating websites today!

Check out these online dating conversation starters to make the most out of your online dating experience.

How to start flirting with a cougar

Whether you meet mature cougars online or at a food festival, you will still have a lot to do to get and keep them interested. Here are a few tips to ensure that you do not let that beautiful opportunity slip through your hands.

Avoid bringing up your age difference too much

That might end up making her feel uncomfortable, and this is the last thing you want. Instead, show her love and respect as you would any other woman of any different age.

Be ready to learn and to teach

These women have a lot of experience under their belts. So, as a younger guy, be humble and open to learning from them. It is also essential to have a give-and take-system where you, too, teach her what you have learned from your relationships. That way, you both grow together.

Show interests in her hobbies

It cannot always be about high energy dates and making her feel like a young girl again. If you love her, then you should show interest in activities she likes. Go golfing with her. Join her charity. Heck, join the community bingo league if you have to.

Respect her family boundaries

More often than not, dating an older woman means welcoming family baggage. It could be her kids disapproving of her dating younger men. Or maybe she has an intrusive ex-partner. Do not get involved if she does not want you to be. It just makes everything messy and takes away from the beauty of the relationship.

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