Old Man With Younger Woman

What Attracts a Younger Woman to an Older Man?

People often turn their heads when they see an older woman together with a younger man. But when the opposite happens, and a young woman is seen with an older man, nobody bats an eye.


These young girl and older man types of couples are much more common.

We’re used to seeing mature man-young girl couples as we go about our business in our daily lives, older male celebrities dating younger women in the headlines, and younger woman-older man memes on social media.

But that still leaves a lot of older men wondering:

What attracts younger women to older men? And why do younger girls like older guys?

If you desire a relationship with a younger woman but haven’t had much luck so far, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to find out how can an older man attract a younger woman!

What Attracts Younger Women to Older Men?

Many studies suggest different psychological and biological reasons for why a younger girl attracted to an older man is nothing out of the ordinary.

Certain young women can be fixated to older men, sometimes preferring to be with someone ten or twenty years their senior.

If you want to learn how to attract a younger woman when you are an older man, read on:

She Falls in Love with Him  

While most people may believe that younger women end up with older men just for their status and money, the truth is that many young women genuinely fall in love with older men they meet.

So long as a younger woman meets a man who knows how to love, respect, and honors her while maintaining a high maturity level, she may choose him over a younger man who is emotionally a higher risk. 

She Wants a Man Who Is Experienced with Women   

Many older men are highly experienced with women and know how to flirt and interact with them. That also means that a younger woman may feel safer with an older gentleman because of his life experiences.

Since he’s older and has done more in life, he may come across as more stable.

She Wants to Be Safe and Protected     

Women are programmed to desire a man they believe can provide for the family and protect it.

Older men are usually more financially stable than their younger counterparts. Therefore, with financial security high on the list of priorities for a woman seeking a husband or partner, older men often have the advantage.

She Wants a Sugar Daddy     

Finally, as much as they may want to deny it, several younger women desire to be with a sugar daddy who can provide them with everything they need. A “sugar daddy” may also grant them access to higher society levels where more opportunities await.

There is a strong psychological reason for why women may seek a sugar daddy too. Many girls will marry an older man simply because they are looking for a father figure in their life.

Numerous studies suggest that many women who prefer older men have had issues related to their fathers.

How to tell if a younger woman likes an older man

Just because there’s a ten to thirty-year age gap between you and her does not mean that the same rules that apply to younger couples don’t apply to you as well.

Ultimately, if a younger woman is attracted to you, she’s attracted to you!

But how can you truly tell if that’s the case? That is often the tricky part to figure out.

Here’s how to tell if a younger woman likes an older man:

She Often Comes to You for Help and Advice

As discussed previously, younger women often seek a father-like figure they never had in an older man. Your wisdom is one of the pillars of attraction she has for you. When she comes to you for help, do not mock her, and genuinely give her your answers and advice.

She Laughs at Your Jokes Often 

When you crack a joke or make a wise remark, does she laugh or giggle repeatedly? If so, this is a very clear indication that she’s attracted to you. 

The Way She Touches You 

Finally, if a girl wants you to know that she’s attracted to you, she’ll lightly touch you on the shoulder or arm. It is her telling you that she’s into you without her saying the words.


Successful long-lasting relationships are certainly possible with couples where there is a significant age difference. But they require essential must haves in a relationship. That means a mature man-young girl relationship is ultimately possible as well!

If you are an older man who strongly desires to be with a younger woman, put the above tips into action and see what happens.

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