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21 Signs She Wants to be Your Girlfriend

How do you know if a woman wants to be your girlfriend? For many men, it’s not easy to tell, making the entire dating scene even more difficult to understand. However, some telltale signs could indicate she’s interested in dating and maybe having a relationship with you.

Below are some of the important things you’ll want to watch for. Remember that just one or two of these might not indicate that she wants a relationship, but if there are several, and if they happen frequently, then she probably does.

Here are the 21 signs she wants to be your girlfriend:

body language signs she wants be with you

She Leans Towards You

It is one of those seemingly natural gestures that are easy to miss. Ignore it at your relationship’s peril, though. When a girl starts trusting you and feels comfortable in your company, she will lean toward you to show her interest. It hints that things have gone well to this point, and she is curious about how you take this forward.

She Touches Your Knees

Physical contact is a natural progression from initial gestures, such as leaning. If you feel her knees brush against yours, gently and subtly, take it as a clear signal of interest. You need to tread this line carefully and take the hint. She may not repeat it and risk being perceived as desperate. Be mindful of reacting subtly – make a mental note but carry on with your conversation normally.

She Fixes Her Hair A Lot

Most women dedicate time and effort to their appearance. If your girl likes you, she’ll be excited and nervous about making a great impression. Fixing her hair can be a sign of nervousness or a ploy to invite attention. Either way, it is a sign she wants you to take notice. A subtle compliment will be a good way to complete the sequence.

She Smiles A Lot

When we are in a good space, a smile is natural. If the girl likes your company, trusts you, and wants to slow down time when you are around, she will smile a lot. It is a strong indicator of her liking. Whether you have just met or have known each other for a while, a meeting full of smiles means the time is ripe to elevate your relationship to the next level.

Her Pupils Dilate When She Looks At You

That is one science-backed sign you can use to tell when your girl is definitely into you. Girls do not show their liking for men, especially early in a relationship. However good she might be at controlling her emotions, if her eyes become big and wide when she looks at you, it points to an increased level of adrenaline – a sure-shot indicator of her liking.

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She Is Staring At Your Lips

This one may be a bit tougher to identify than others, but the effort is worth it. If you find someone looking at your lips, they are likely imagining kissing you. Just make sure there isn’t something on them! Play it cool when faced with this – be careful not to make her conscious of it. Reciprocate with a smile and continue your conversation with all your focus on her. You’re likely just a meeting away from feeling her lips on yours.

She Finds Things You Have In Common

When two people start liking each other, they imagine doing stuff together. If your girl picks up those similarities and doesn’t miss a chance to mention them, something is brewing in her head! She may even go to the extent of taking an interest in your hobbies to make conversation. Even if you make it out, never reveal it to her and let it flow.

She Tells You About Her Secrets

signs she wants a serious relationship with you

Girls like to maintain an element of mystery about them. They maintain a distance from others and let only a selected few inside. If she starts sharing secrets and admits her vulnerabilities, it is the strongest sign that she trusts you. Respect her secrets, no matter how your relationship turns out in the future.

She Takes Genuine Interest In You

When a girl asks you about your life – present and past you can treat it as a clear sign of interest. No matter how well she disguises, she’s trying to figure out your relationship status. Whether you are available now, whether you had a girlfriend in the past, why did you break up – she wants to know these to see if she can be with you.

She Recalls What You Told Her

When you have just met a girl, it is easy for her to filter out the finer details of your conversation. If your lady can recall the smallest details from a casual chat you had weeks (or months) ago, she likes you a lot. That can be a double-edged sword, though. Once you get into a relationship, you’ll have to be very careful about what you say or promise, as she’ll make sure you walk the talk!

She Goes The Extra Mile To Be Attractive To You

signs she wants to be your girlfriend

Girls dress well but usually mix comfort and style when hanging out with friends. Take the hint if you notice she’s suddenly stepped up her dressing game. She’s trying to impress you as a beautiful, charming lady and is looking for something more than friendship.

She Wants To Know About Your Family

If your girl sees a future with you, she will be curious about your family. She will regularly ask you about the well-being of your family members. If you mentioned an important family event, she’ll follow up on it on the next date. This curiosity is a sign she sees herself as a future member of your family.

She Wants To Share Experiences With You

When a girl likes you, she will treat you as one of the most important people in her life. She would want to share everything with you, whether good or bad. If you suddenly find her calling you for everything under the sun (office gossip, family matters, career advice, movies, concert), she can’t have enough of you. When she wants to share her life with you as much as possible, you’ll suddenly get invited for everything.

She Tells You About Her Feelings

If you have been hesitant or ignorant to interpret one or more of the earlier signals, you’ve left her with no choice. Traditionally, girls have not taken this route, but in this age where women are challenging stereotypes, your girl might confess her feelings for you. If this happens, know that your girl is brave, confident, and head over heels for you!

She Always Seems Glad to See You

signs she sees a future with you

Regardless of how frequent it is, does she always seem happy to see you when you see her? Is she always pleased that you are there? If she looks forward to seeing you and is genuinely glad about having your company, then there is a possibility that she might be interested in a date. Of course, that’s just one of the potential signs. You are going to want to look for others.

She Listens While You Talk and Laughs at Your Jokes

Women like a guy who makes them laugh. However, when a woman is interested in a man, she may laugh even at things that aren’t as funny. It’s a way to show that she’s interested and likes you. If she seems fascinated with the things you have to say, and your jokes or sense of humor seems to be working in your favor, it’s a great sign. It doesn’t mean that you are suddenly funnier, just that she’s into you.

She Recommends Good Spots for Dates

signs she wants you to be her boyfriend

Does she often talk about great ideas for dates or spots that she might like to go on a date? That is often a hint—sometimes subtle, sometimes not—that she would like you to ask her to one of those places. That’s good because it means you already have an idea for your first date. Make sure to learn how to ask for a second date.

She Mentions When She Has Free Time

If she talks about having free time on the weekend or a certain night, it might mean that she’s interested in having you ask her out on that day and time. She’s essentially telling you when she’s available. You have to make the next move.

She Doesn’t Talk About Other Guys in Front of You

That is a big one. If a woman talks about other guys she finds attractive and would like to date, she’s probably not interested in you. However, if she never brings up those other guys, it tends to mean that she currently has eyes for you. That’s yet more good news.

She’s Already Told Friends and Family About You

If you ever meet her friends or a family member, and they already know your name and a bit about you, that’s a great sign. It means that she’s talked about you with them before. That could mean she’s interested in you enough that she’s already confided in others.

She Takes the Initiative

In some cases, the biggest sign that she wants to have a date with you is that she’ll ask. The days of men being the only ones who ask for dates are over, and that’s not a bad thing at all. If she tells you that she’d like to go out, well, that’s a surefire sign that you are doing something write. Now, make sure that you have a great date.

Do You See The Signs She Wants You To Be Her Boyfriend

A girl’s silence can convey more than a man’s words. It is a famous old saying that has stood the test of time. If you want to know if she wants to be your girlfriend, be extra observant of her appearance, gestures, and words. A girl will give you many chances to register her interest. It is up to you to read the signs and play your cards accordingly.

Whether or not you want to be with her, making a note of these signs will help you take the next logical step.

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