Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

Signs a Female Coworker Likes You but Is Hiding It

Despite all the efforts companies put into maintaining a strict business environment, many people find true love exactly there – at work.

Like balancing between your love life and professional career wasn’t hard enough already, now a colleague is starting to show interest in you.

But is she flirting with you, or is she just being friendly?

Do you know how to read between the lines of the mixed signals she is sending?

If you think you are onto something, but still can’t be sure, here is a list of some pretty obvious signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

She shares details of her private life

Girls tend to share a lot more than guys when it comes to their personal life. If she likes you and she sees you as trustworthy, she will open up to you.

At first, it might be about every-day things, like a movie she just saw or the last awesome book someone recommended. However, if she is really into you, those conversations will start carrying a lot more intimate details in time.

Texts and calls frequently

Some jobs require constant communication between colleagues, but if all that chatting continues in odd hours of the day, there’s more than just business between you two.

If the conversations start getting a little more intimate than they should, it’s probably a sign she is developing feelings for you.

Always has your back

If she doesn’t strike you as the usual people-pleaser, but she also never says ‘no’ to you, she will go the extra mile.

It can be anything from covering you on your day off or taking your side when another colleague complains about you. It’s undoubtedly one of the signs a female coworker likes you, but she is hiding it.

Notices even the slightest changes in your looks

Did she give you a compliment about your new watch? Does she like your new haircut?

If you see her showering you with attention and making all those flattering remarks, it’s obvious she is keeping note of what’s going on in your life.

Even though she might be just someone who loves giving compliments, you should know if there is something more than friendship.

Random touches and change in her body language

Observe her body language. If she is interested in you, there will be significant changes in her usual behavior.

Does she take the longer route to the restroom to walk by your working area? Is she maintaining a direct eye-contact only with you when you are in a group with other people?

These may be signs a female coworker likes you, but you can’t be sure. Well, throw in all the touches that are not so random anymore, and you might be onto something.

You often catch her looking at you

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So, how do you tell if a female coworker is into you? Easy, you will catch her staring at you without even being aware of it. If this keeps repeating, it’s probably more than a coincidence. Plus, if she quickly looks away, she is probably trying to hide it.

Offers to help you with your work

If she likes you, she will come up with the best excuses to give you a hand with your work. Sometimes, this is not possible, especially if your job descriptions are very different, but she will find ways to offer her help.

She may give you advice and suggestions, or bring you paperclips if there is nothing else she can do.

She is flirtatious

Sometimes, when the chemistry is too strong and visible, she dares to throw in some flirty jokes or do an extra hair flip to draw your attention.

Yes, old-school seductive moves, but you have to admit, they work like magic!

In combination with other signs, like the not-so-accidental touches and stares, this is a hint she finds you attractive.

Suggests meeting after work

Many colleagues attend after-work parties and events, so if she invites you for a drink, it doesn’t mean it’s a date.

However, if she asks you out to a club, a concert, or maybe for a movie over the weekend, and she does it frequently, she might be trying to spend some quality time with you. Who knows, you two might hit it off.

Brings you lunch

If she packs some extra food, she will definitely go the extra mile to let you know she cares about you. You might think she is just kind to you because you are a bachelor with poor eating habits, but if this turns into practice, she, without a doubt, finds you special.

Puts an effort into her appearance

How do you know if a female coworker likes you? Well, if she’s interested in you, she’ll try to get your attention. And what’s a better card to play than her looks?

You will notice how she’s started putting a lot more effort into how she dresses or does her hair and makeup.

All of a sudden, she starts experimenting with her wardrobe. Dresses may get more form-fitting or brighter in color, just like when birds want to attract a mate, and they flaunt their best colors.

Gets jealous of your interaction with other female coworkers

You must have noticed how she interrupts your conversations with other female coworkers and tries to be the center of attention. If it feels like she minds you spending time with other people, she is probably jealous. Why would she get jealous of other women if she doesn’t have feelings for you, right?

To sum up

In the end, a little word of warning. No matter how tempted and intrigued you feel, remember always to stay a gentleman.

If the chemistry is intense and sparks are flying, try your luck. However, have in mind that some people like to flirt, but that’s where they draw the line.

If she says ‘no’, it means ‘no’. There is no space for blurring the lines, especially at work.

What may look like an excellent idea for your love life might be very damaging to your career. Do you think it’s worth risking it all?

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