What to Do When Someone Ignores Your Texts

What to Do When Someone Ignores Your Text

You finally found someone who wakes up the butterflies. You start texting, you are teasing each other, sharing stories, and suddenly it all comes to an unexpected stop.

If you are getting a feeling that it’s becoming harder and harder to date these days, you are probably right.

Having your senses constantly manipulated by picture-perfect love stories fresh out of the Hollywood press makes expectations hit the ceiling pretty fast.

What used to be a paragraph-long text turns into a one-word reply, and eventually into no reply.

Soon enough, you start wondering what happened when things were going so well. You’re left thinking, ‘she flirts with me, then ignores me.’ Confusing, isn’t it?

Here is some information about what to do when someone ignores your text:

Get Out Of Your Head

Your girl failed to reply to a couple of your messages, and the first thought coming to mind must be, “why is she ignoring my texts all of a sudden?”

Before you go on and label your connection doomed, make sure you are actually being ignored. You’d be surprised at how many people create false scenarios they keep replaying in their heads over and over again. Think about if you are one of them.

For instance, have you had several failed relationships in the past that left you with the feeling that everyone will eventually abandon you? A few ignored text messages don’t necessarily mean everything is lost, and you’ll end up alone forever.

When a woman ignores a man she likes, it’s hard to tell what is really on her mind. But while assessing whether she is ignoring you or not, think about other possible explanations:

  • Is this person leading an extremely busy life?
  • Is she going through a stressful situation?
  • Could she need some alone time and has decided to ignore everyone in general?

If any of the above turns out to be the case, maybe lost interest is not why they went MIA.

Never Apologize For Texting Them

When someone doesn’t reply to your text, there is a chance she needs a little reminder of what she’s missing out on.

Now that you’ve decided to text first AGAIN, don’t apologize for doing so. What kind of message would saying ‘sorry for bothering you’ communicate? Definitely nothing too confident, right? Try these icebreaking questions instead to get on the right track.

If you don’t want to be seen as a burden, don’t portray yourself as one, that would do more harm. Putting your crush on a pedestal will make you seem less important and valuable than them, and you don’t want to swim in those waters.

What you need is a switch of mindset. Tap into your confidence. Believe that your presence will make their life better (don’t let it go to your head, though). Your self-respect will show you in a new light and probably make them realize you have plenty to offer.

When Someone Ignores Your Texts, Stop Pushing It

if someone ignores your text what does it mean

Attraction requires attention. If you were the first one to ignore her texts (for whatever reason), maybe she is just giving you a taste of your own medicine. But she also might be busy or dealing with a personal issue.

Regardless of what may lie behind her disappearance, you need to refrain from compulsive texting!

When we feel we are about to lose something of value, we tend to get a bit clingy. Makes sense, right? Well, showering them with attention and making their inbox explode may not be the ideal tactic here.

Why don’t you try giving your crush time and space to think this through or work out whatever they are preoccupied with at the moment? Back off for a while. Who knows, you might be doing yourself a favor.

The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Your Crush

“I did everything right, and yet she ignored my texts.”

 In the beginning, texting 24/7 sounds cute and romantic, but it can turn into a chore after a while, especially since we all lead busy lives.

You’re probably thinking, “if a girl ignores me, there must be something I’m not doing”. On the contrary, you might be doing too much!

When someone is intentionally ignoring you, they won’t respond to your emotional needs. Control the urge to reach out, and don’t let them control the situation and your mental state.

Instead of smothering your person of interest with a pile of texts, shift your focus onto yourself. Spend more time with your friends and family. Live your best life, just the way you were doing before you met them. That way you’ll protect your feelings from being hurt.

Don’t Feel Bad About Yourself

To keep the conversation going, you’ll have to ‘offer’ something that will get her/his attention. But if that’s not working either, maybe they are just not that into you.

Don’t get stuck thinking, “I gave her ample time, so why does she ignore me.” Drowning in self-pity won’t make her text beck.

 If your crush disappeared into thin air, and despite all your efforts, she shows no signs of interest, maybe it’s time to shift your attention to someone new or maybe try to live a happy life as a single person.

Don’t get so wrapped up that you become blind to your other options. There are plenty of other potential love candidates, and you might be focusing on the wrong one!

When someone doesn’t reply to your text: final words

It can hurt when someone ignores your texts, especially if you are not sure why. But honestly, don’t waste your time thinking, “why is she ignoring me?”

In most cases, it’s not something you’ve said or done. You may not be a good match, and that’s fine. We all have our preferences, and if you’re not something they prefer, let it go and move on to someone else.

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