Romantic Beach Dates

21 Beach Date Ideas for a Romantic Time with Your Lover

There is nothing like a romantic beach date when it comes to spending time together as a couple. Whether it is a crowded family beach or a private slice of paradise, you are bound to have a lot of fun together and create a positive relationship.

Now, how much fun you have depends on how you approach the date. Just lazing about all day will not be a memorable time. It is, therefore, essential that you come up with fun ideas about how to make your time together unique and enjoyable.

Here are 21 romantic beach date ideas you could try out if you find yourself at a loss. Be ready for some beach fun!

Things to consider before planning a great beach date 

A beach date has the potential of becoming the best date you have ever been on, but only if done right. 

Carried away by the romantic idea of a beach date, couples often forget to bring the essentials and watch for natural occurrences.

Whether you are planning a first date or just keeping it interesting with your long-time darling, do your research about the beach you are planning to visit. Think about weather conditions, temperature, appropriate clothes and footwear, the tide schedule, wildlife mating/nesting seasons, parking availability, and restrictions. If you want to make the most of your beach date, you should look at these date night activity boxes from

Now that you know that you won’t ruin some turtle nests or have your things dragged into the water by the tide, you need to decide what kind of beach date you aim for. 

Is it going to be a rendezvous under the hot sun or a star-gazing-inspired sandy outing? Whichever you choose, here are a few things to have in mind before dipping your toe. 

Beach date during the day

If you choose a date under the hot sun, don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen with high SPF to keep yourself and your date protected.

Also, bring towels or a big blanket you can sit and have a picnic or play beach games on. 

If you are unsure whether there is some natural shade on the beach, bring an umbrella you can hide under when the sun is high and intense.

You should also bring a few bottles of water to stay hydrated or make sure there is a place where you can buy water at. 

And while we are still discussing water, what’s the most expected beach activity? Swimming, right? Well, if you are hoping to get wet on your date – pun intended – bring along a bathing suit.

Swimming is fun, but it’s an energy-draining activity that will eventually leave you hungry. So, if you plan on staying at the beach for long, bring food or something you can snack on until you find a restaurant or go back home.

Beach date during the night

Now, for a beach date night, you may not need to apply a thick layer of SPF, but you still need to stay protected, and this time from the cold. 

Be aware that there will be a significant temperature drop after sundown, and throw a light jacket or your hoodie in your backpack. You should also bring a blanket or two to keep warm. Even though the cold will bring you closer under the stars, you don’t want to freeze your butt off and ruin a perfect moment. 

Another way to keep warm is to light a campfire, but before you go and put yourself or the surroundings in danger, find out whether lighting a fire on that particular beach is allowed.

It’s also a great idea to have a warm drink like tea or hot cocoa to sip on while enjoying each other’s company. 

Other things to consider

There are things you need to consider, especially if this is your first date and you don’t know your potential partner that much.

First and foremost, ask them if they prefer a date under the sun or the moon. 

Ask them about food and other allergies. Yes, there are sand, water, and sun allergies! It would be such a shame to have a perfectly planned date ruined by a medical emergency. 

Finally, make sure the beach you have chosen is a public place and not a private property. Getting arrested is not the best way to start a relationship, right?

21 fun and romantic date ideas at the beach

beach date

Build a sandcastle together

It is one of those things to do at the beach with your boyfriend or girlfriend that is perfect if both of you have a fun, childlike side. It is a great way to relive the good old days when you went to the beach with your family as a kid. It is also an awesome idea as you get to create something together that allows you to work on your bond.

You will need the following:

  • Different-sized buckets or containers
  • If you want something elaborate, get a proper sandcastle building kit
  • A good imagination

Go skinny dipping

Skinny Dipping With Your Girlfriend

Skinny dipping is probably the most obvious beach dates ideas for couples not afraid to live on the edge. The important thing is to ensure that you are both comfortable with doing it. You also need to ensure that you won’t get into trouble!

Here is how to do it:

  • Find a beach that welcomes such free-spirited expression (that’s a nice way of saying nude beaches)
  • Find a hidden beach not easily accessible to the public
  • Do it on a private beach
  • Best to do it late in the evening or early morning
  • Wing it and hope you don’t get caught

Have a beachside picnic

Having a picnic is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic things to do at the beach. It could be a full meal at noon while you watch other beach patrons and talk about life. Or you could make it a midnight affair, enjoying some wine and fancy snacks as the moonlight glistens over the water.

You will need the following:

  • A nice location
  • A beach towel or a picnic blanket wide enough for the two of you and all your food
  • A picnic basket
  • Good food
  • A portable wastebasket because you don’t want to be littering
  • A source of light if it is a nighttime picnic

Set up a bonfire when the sun goes down

Set Up A Romatic Bonfire On The Beach

It is a great romantic date night at the beach, especially if you are thinking more along the lines of a group date. You can have a beach bonfire to keep you warm, toast some marshmallows, and enjoy each other’s company as you tell fun stories. It is a simple idea to execute, but one that will guarantee a lot of laughs and great memories.

Go fishing with your bare hands

Another beach date idea that you have probably never thought of is fishing. However, there are many beaches around the world that host shallow water fish.

Fishing would make a fun beach date, especially if you are ready to make utter fools of yourselves by trying to catch the fish by hand. I can guarantee you a lot of fun and laughter during this romantic evening!

And if you are lucky, you could prepare your catch during your nighttime bonfire and have a nice beachside picnic. Boom! You’ve executed three of our romantic date night ideas in one.

Play some beach sports

If you and your beau love to keep active even when on your dates, then one of the best beach date tips for you is to make it your very own Olympics every time you go to the beach. It allows you to spend time in a beautiful place doing what you both enjoy.

Some ideas for beachside sports:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Catch
  • Frisbee
  • Beach Volleyball

Go for a treasure hunt

Treasure Hunting With Your Lover

A treasure or a scavenger hunt is a perfect date idea if you are a couple that loves adventures and exploring. Just get yourself a metal detector and hit the beach and you will be surprised at all the treasures you can unearth in the sand.

Take a long walk 

Long romantic walks are the first thing that comes to mind when considering a beach date as an option. Beautiful Beach walks are a great way to get to know someone a little better without the pressure of an official sit-down date. As long as you keep the conversation flowing and don’t run out of topics, there is not much that could go wrong. 

Since this is a casual outing, don’t make your date drive for an hour to reach you. It’s great if you both stay near the beach, so making this possible won’t require going out of their way.

Watch the sunset 

Paint a picture: you and your (potential) partner, holding hands, strolling along the beach shore, dipping your toes in the water, playfully splashing them. You are happy, giggling, watching the waves wash your footprints away. 

It’s past the golden hour, and the sun is slowly setting behind the horizon. You sit down in the sand, lean your head on your date and enjoy the magnificent view. 

Okay, maybe we went too far with this Hollywood-inspired scene, but you get the gist. 

Romantic beach dinner

If long walks are not your cup of tea and you prefer to sit at a table for a typical first date, we don’t see why you couldn’t do it at the beach. Tons of good beachfront restaurants offer exquisite seafood menus and a fantastic atmosphere. 

Even if you are on a tighter budget, you can still have your romantic dinner at the beach. Order their favorite pizza, grab a six-pack and a blanket, and voila! 

Wait for the sunrise 

Everybody seems to be obsessed with sunsets, but what about sunrises? If you two are more of early birds than night owls, maybe you could schedule a sungazing session. 

No, we are not particularly suggesting a sungazing meditation (even though that could be a cool date idea). It’s more like two people nestled comfortably in the beach sand, enjoying the birth of another day.

Play board or card games 

For avid beach-goers who love spending hours and hours in the sand, even when on a date, we’d suggest you have your favorite board game or a card deck at hand. You can also bring your Jenga set, but you will need a flat surface to play. 

If this is your first date, and you want to get your potential partner better, you can play games like “Twenty Questions” that will help you figure out if you are on the same wavelength. 

Try watersports

I get it! Sitting in the sand and frying in the sun is not your thing. That’s why there are many watersports you can try that will kill any sign of boredom. 

Surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding are great ideas for an active and fun beach date. Just make sure you are taking someone adventurous on this date, or it might not work. 

Beach BBQ

 If you are a foodie that loves to relax by the beach, a BBQ date is a perfect idea for you. It’s a simple, laid-back way to get to know someone better over delicious BBQ-style food. 

If your date feels comfortable among strangers, you can even invite a few other couples and share a romantic meal and a few drinks, along with the sounds of the crashing waves.


The dawn is an unusual date-time unless you are an early riser or a complete insomniac. 

Now, you are probably thinking about who would agree to a beachcombing date, but you’d be surprised how much fun it can be. 

Meet early in the morning and start exploring the sand. Chances are, you will find some awesome rocks, beautiful shells, and even an occasional personal item like a necklace, watch, or bracelet. 

Get a couples massage 

Have you met someone bougie but wonderful and want to take them on an unforgettable beach date? Say no more! We have the solution, and it’s called couples’ massage. There are many spas with a beach view that offer relaxing massages and pampering – if you are willing to pay the extra dollar, that is!

Find a place with great reviews and book your session upfront, just to be on the safe side. Of course, consult with your love interest before deciding anything on your own. After all, getting a massage can be an intimate experience, and not everyone would be down for it on a first date.

Rent a speedboat or Jet Skis 

Are you an adrenaline junkie that loves combining water and speed? If so, think about renting Jet Skis or s speedboat on your beach date. After all, few would turn down an expensive aquatic adventure, especially if their crush is paying. 

Plus, it’s a fun and exciting way to get to know the coastline, find gorgeous secluded beaches, and enjoy a swim in the deep. 

This can be a memorable first date as long as you follow the coastguard rules and don’t break the bank!

Go on a short cruise 

The beach is versatile and has plenty of great options for an extremely romantic date, especially during summertime. If you are positive your date has no fear of deep waters, feel free to book yourselves a short cruise or a day trip to an island. 

They usually include a delicious meal and a few drinks you can enjoy while sailing the blue waters. You can even expect a live band and people dancing to the beachy tunes. These short boat trips are usually packed with tourists, so you can meet some awesome new people as well.

Go horseback riding 

Horseback riding on the beach can be an expensive date that possibly requires some skill. But it’s perfect if you want to leave your date speechless. 

Of course, finding a beach that offers such services, and it’s not on the other end of the country, will take a bit of research. But if you think your crush is worth the effort and you can afford it, don’t let us stop you from having the best date ever!

Movie night on the beach

You’d be surprised at how many beaches organize movie nights. You just need to find the right one and ask your crush out on a date. Even if there is no such beach nearby, you can organize your own movie night on the beach.

Grab a large blanket, pack your favorite snacks (find out what your date enjoys snacking on while watching a movie), bring your laptop/tablet, a fully-charged power bank, some sort of lighting, find the perfect spot, and let the fun begin. 

Camp out under the stars

Are you an adventurous type who loves spending time in nature away from the hustle and bustle of modern living?

If the answer is “yes,” camping on the beach under the starry skies might be the unique date idea you’ve been looking for. 

However, before you go on and plan out a whole weekend in the open, consult with your love interest and make sure you are on the same page when it comes to dating in the wild. 

When that’s out of the way, it’s time to make all the necessary arrangements. 

Bring a tent, sleeping bags, some sort of battery, a few blankets, foldable beach chairs, lots of water, toiletries, some food to cook over the campfire, and you are ready to go. 

All that’s left is to enjoy the beach camping date and get to know one another. 

Bottom line

With so many ideas to borrow from, you will be able to make something as simple as a beach date fun and memorable. So pack your best swimsuit, a tube of sunscreen, and a fun-seeking attitude, and you should have a great time with your partner at the beach!

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