Use Technology to Fuel Your Long-Distance Relationship

How to Use Technology to Fuel Your Long-Distance Relationship?

Many people these days are in long-distance relationships. While some smoothly sail through it, others find it hard to fuel the LDR. But what is love if there are no challenges? One of the biggest challenges in an LDR is to hold your partner close, and the relationship spiced up. 

But, good news for all the LDR couples, technology is easing it for you. You can access different forms of tech to fuel your relationship. It will help you communicate better, surprise your partner, assure them of your presence, and be as involved in each other’s life as you would in the same city. 

So, what’s the wait for? Let’s read on to find out how tech can aid your relationship. Dig in! 

Spend Date Nights

ldr chat on skype

Living away from each other does not mean you can not have quality time together. So, why not surprise your partner with a digital date? Couples use online platforms such as Skype to communicate with each other over video calls. Interestingly, there are several ways that you can use Skype to make your date night fun, especially if you own a MAC. 

You can visit this link to learn the various tips for making the best use of this video messenger in your MAC. In addition, you can choose themes for your date nights. Some days it could be casual, while on others, you can dress up a specific theme and live those moments. 

Celebrate Each Other’s Accomplishments 

You would celebrate accomplishments if you were together, so why not do it when you are far away? You can do it by sending over a bottle of wine with a croissant to their home. Likewise, you can buy one for yourself and spend the night celebrating their success. 

Doing things that will make your partner joyful is one of the best ways to fuel any LDR. Technology is just easing things; your efforts matter. Let your partner know you are proud of them. You can also call their friends for an online party over Hangouts or other apps. 

Hang Out Together 


Living apart does not mean you can not hang out together. Instead, technology today has eased things for LDR couples. You can now hang out together and spend quality time. There are multiple apps that let you binge-watch your favorite movies on the same screen. 

You can both be seated in your bed in your favorite pajamas and watch your favorite series. Here are several apps that let you do so. While some only let you run OTTs, others also allow you to run Youtube from a laptop in perfect sync with your video/voice. Text messenger apps. 

Listen to Music Together 

Listening to the same music or sharing playlists is one of the finest ways to feel close to your partner. There are various music apps that let you add collaborations and share playlists with people. Interestingly, you can also play them at the same time and vibe on them. 

You can listen to the playlist while commuting to your workplace, relaxing at home, or working out at the gym. It is a great way to keep in touch and involved in each other’s life. It keeps you both updated and gives a feeling of being together while miles apart. 

Share Reminder Photos 

When you live apart, your pictures and video play a significant role in keeping your significant other posted about your everyday life. So, take advantage of a chance to send them any photos. 

There is no hard & fast rule about what pictures you should share. It is up to you; it can be as little as your eyeliner before the girl’s night out or something spicy. There are several wallets and messenger apps that you can use to share and save your pictures. Such apps are obtainable for iOS and Android, so share as many images as you want.

Keep the Spark Alive 

Being in an LDR, you don’t get to see each other and surprise, but there are multiple ways to keep the spark alive. It is easier to do it in private, but technology has also made it easier to do the same in an LDR. You can look out for various creative ways to build excitement and surprise your significant others. 

For instance, there’s an app that lets you send secret messages with a timer. Your partner can’t open them until the timer runs out. It is a great way to create curiosity and keep things fresh & alive. You can send romantic notes, spicy images, and other love notes to tell your partner how much you adore them. In addition, you can also surprise them with some gift once in a while or order their favorite meal. 

Plan Your Schedule Together 

Even when you are living thousands of miles away, you can still plan activities together. You can compare your activities and schedules to know when you can have an expected time to conduct some activities together. 

For instance, if there is some common time, you can go grocery shopping, gym, or even walk outside. You can be on a video call with your partner and do those activities together. It makes it easier to be involved in each other’s lives, communicate effectively, and create a safe space for each other. 

Sleep Close to Each Other


One of the greatest backdrops of being in an LDP is not being able to sleep beside your partner for many days. However, tech has solved this issue also. You can now share everyday sleeping schedules and feel your partner’s heartbeat from afar, just as you were together. 

Yes, there is a wristband and speaker available in the market that you can buy. You can connect them both and use them to sleep together. You simply need to strap the wristband and keep the speaker beneath your pillow. You can hear your partner’s heartbeat as you lay your head over. It feels like you both are together and cuddling. 

Bottom Line 

Adoring your long-distance relationship is essential. It will help you make conscious efforts to keep it fueled up. You learn to put in trust and establish boundaries for each other. Technological advancement has made it easier to keep updated about your significant other’s life. You may not be physically present, but there are ample ways to be present for them in times of need and to make your LDR work.

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