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Soul Ties: Meaning, Symptoms, and How To Break Them

Soul ties are a big deal.

They’re something that we all might experience once in our lifetimes, and being aware of them will help us to break free from their enchantment.

Our soul is tied to another person inexplicably, usually after sexual intercourse. We then find ourselves ruminating over our connection with this person, regardless of how we feel about them.

You might find that you’re struggling with your feelings towards someone and can’t break free from your unseen attachment to them, even if your sexual encounter was months or years ago.

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about soul ties, what they are, how to deal with them, and ultimately, how to break them.

 Let’s begin by digging into their meaning in detail.

What is a soul tie?

soul ties meaning

Let’s start with a definition. A soul tie means:

“A spiritual/emotional connection to someone after being physically intimate with them, usually after in sexual intercourse. These connections exists to the point that even when you are far away and out of their presence, you still feel as if they are a part of you and a part of you and vice versa. They remain even if you want to rid yourself of them.” 

Soul ties affect men and women equally, and the truth is that they can be tough to deal with. They leave you searching for answers and explanations, while none are forthcoming.

They may even be dangerous. If you experience a soul tie, a former lover can manipulate you and potentially sabotage your future relationships without you even knowing it.

Let’s take a look at signs of soul ties to watch out for.

How do I know if my soul is tied to another?

Without wanting to sound too technical, you can learn to identify some symptoms of soul ties. These vary from person to person, but they often leave people feeling the same way about a former lover.

 Some of the symptoms of a soul tie include:

  • Obsessive thoughts that occur at random – the person might appear in your thoughts while you’re at work or even while you’re with your current partner. It can be difficult to distract yourself from negative thoughts as they arise.
  • Vivid dreams –  this is when a former lover dominates your dreams, and you wake up at night thinking about them.
  • Hearing your former lover’s voice – the mind plays tricks on us all the time. If you’re experiencing a soul tie, you might be unable to get the other person’s voice out of your mind.

If your subconscious is filled with a previous lover, it can be challenging to move on with your life and give your energy to a new relationship. That is one of the biggest issues with physical soul ties, and they can make you feel trapped, confused, and overwhelmed.

Let’s look at some of these feelings in more detail.

How does a soul tie make you feel?

When you’re spiritually bound to another person, it can cause a broad spectrum of complex emotions to arise. After all, everyone sees their former lovers differently, so a lot will depend on how you reflect on your previous relationships.

However, if you’re trapped in a soul tie, you might experience one or more of the following emotions when thinking about a former lover:

  • Helplessness – people who experience soul ties talk of feelings of helplessness – the notion that regardless of how hard they try, they can’t do anything to change their way of thinking.
  • Despair – realizing they can’t control their thoughts and emotions, people often feel despair and wonder if they will ever be able to put their former lover behind them, once and for all.
  • Frustration – being soul-tied is frustrating. No matter what your head tells you about your past and current relationships, your soul seems to have other thoughts.
  • Betrayal – you might also feel betrayed by your former lover. Depending on how the fling or relationship ended, you may feel they betrayed your trust, and now you can’t move on with your life without thinking about them.

What’s damaging is that many of these feelings emerge at inappropriate times. For instance, people say they think of a previous lover when making love to their current partner. Naturally, this often leads to a guilt trip, as people question what on Earth is wrong with them and why they can’t seem to just move on.

But the good news about soul ties is that you can actively do something about them. If you’re willing to recognize the connection and take some steps to work through it, you can eventually put the tie behind you.

We’ll look at a tried and trusted way for breaking soul ties in the last section of the article.

How is a soul tie different from other types of love?

symptoms of soul ties

Almost every acclaimed relationship coach and spiritual advisor agrees that “soul tie” has become this umbrella term made famous by social media. It encompasses all types of relationships, including that of a soul mate and twin flame.

Soul ties are often seen as “spiritual contracts” that help us do important soul work and grow. These soul contracts are usually facilitated by the people we meet through life and are often our romantic relationships. However, that’s not always the rule.

If the point of a soul-tie connection was to teach us an important lesson based on the nature of that lesson, it could be both platonic and romantic.

Two souls occasionally form a lifetime connection, but sometimes they go their separate ways in just a few weeks or months.

Take twin and soulmate relationships. These spiritual bonds can be amplified through sexual intercourse, but sex is not always a crucial component to their fruition and success.

Whenever two souls form a strong connection that triggers growth, there is a good chance the pair is experiencing a soul tie.

Soul ties can be positive, too!

Since soul ties elicit such substantial shift and transformation, it’s only logical to think they bring pain and suffering. But not all growth has to happen through struggle. Not every soul tie is an unhealthy soul tie.

Here are some of the more “pleasant” signs of spiritual connection:

You feel a deep bond

Everything we can and cannot perceive on Earth is connected. However, spiritual soul ties are something special. Even though we usually experience them multiple times during life, soul ties are unique. They cause intense feelings that make two human beings feel like one.

Everything seems amplified

From your thoughts and emotions to how you react and express yourself – you’ll feel everything 10 times stronger within a soul-tie relationship. If you suspect your new partner might be a godly soul tie, just observe how you react around them. You will find all the answers within.

It’s like you’ve met in a past life

They don’t only make you not act like yourself, but they also feel very familiar. Like you’ve known each other forever. Everything about a soul tie feels oddly familiar. In addition to the deep emotional bond, their body feels familiar too. Their touch, their smile, the scent – it’s like you’ve met in a previous life.

They feel like the missing piece of the puzzle

On top of it all, there is this strange feeling of wholeness. Besides the profound sense of spiritual intimacy, a soul tie will make you feel like you complete each other, especially in the case of sexual soul ties. Everything they say and do will fit you like a glove. Unfortunately, this is where the deep connection often turns into an unhealthy attachment.

It’s a “different” relationship

There are several types of soul ties, but they all feel unique and different from the rest of your connections. It’s one of the obvious soul tie symptoms that makes us romanticize these bonds. To make sure you’ve experienced such ties, look for new sensations, something you’ve never felt before.

They appear during life-changing events

If this person you feel strongly connected to comes into your life during pivotal times of change, chances are they are a soul tie. Maybe you needed their help, guidance, or expert advice, and they were in the right place at the right time. Quite serendipitous, isn’t it?

You don’t feel like yourself when they are gone

And last but not least, you feel like a part of you is missing whenever they go away. Unfortunately, as often happens with emotional soul ties, the push is as strong as the pull. People can’t always take the pressure of a special connection and feel broken or damaged, like a part of them is gone forever.

Even though positive soul ties can make you feel unique and special, such intense feelings can still become toxic over time. So if you need to break it off, read the next section.

How to break soul ties?

break up soul ties

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for breaking a toxic soul tie. After all, your mind, body, and soul are complex organisms, and you need to practice self-love and awareness to break the enchantment you find yourself under!

In many respects, a soul tie is like a curse you will be burdened with until you devise a plan. And the plan must begin with you. You will probably have heard loved ones tell you that you need to move on and stop living in the past, but you will be stuck with the soul tie until you genuinely believe that you can do something about it.

4 Steps to break a soul tie

Make an affirmation

You need to affirm that a soul tie exists between you and a previous lover. Once you’re true to yourself and commit to working at it, the process will become a lot easier. Without an affirmation, you will struggle to achieve your desired outcome.

Develop an action plan

To achieve something difficult in life, you need to develop a plan. The same is true when trying to break soul ties. You need to think logically and methodically about how you will cease your damaging thoughts and get on with your life.

Central to your action plan should be self-love and mindfulness. You need to try and channel your energy, so you’re focused on the present. Meditating, practicing yoga, and working on your breathing can help center you and re-channel your focus on the present day.

In some cases, you might have to seek the professional help of a counselor or psychiatrist, particularly if your soul tie runs extremely deep. Acknowledging you need help is all part of the process and will enable your action plan to fall into place.

Forgive and let go

Even if you’ve had your heart broken by a previous lover, you have to forgive them. It is for your sake more than theirs. Without forgiveness, you allow space for resentment to grow, damaging your mental health.

Accepting what happened in the past, no matter how horrible it was, is a considerable step you must take if you want to break your soul tie. Allowing the connection to fester without positive action means it will only get worse.

Forgiving and letting the other person’s soul go will lift the weight of the world from your shoulders, and you will feel much better for it.

Break the tie

Your past is haunting you because you’re letting it. It’s certainly not easy to shut out negative thoughts, particularly where a soul tie is concerned, but it’s crucial if you’re to liberate your mind and break your tie.

You will come to a point in your life where you realize that your past relationships do not define you, and your soul shouldn’t suffer as a result.

As part of this process, remove as many memories and physical attachments as possible that link you to the person. Maybe it’s photos, gifts you received, or items of clothing. Breaking the tie requires a mental and physical clear-out, so if you start afresh and move on with your life, you need to let go of all just-in-case items.

Breaking the tie is breaking free. You will be glad you took the necessary steps to liberate yourself from the mental torment.

Will you break the tie?

how to break a soul tie

Nobody is saying that breaking a soul tie is easy. Far from it, actually. It will be one of the hardest things you will face in life. But you owe it to yourself to move on. Life’s too short to be defined by your past, and you need to begin enjoying yourself again.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will fully understand how a soul tie affects you. Then, armed with our tried and trusted four-step process, we hope you can break free from the shackles and put the memories of your previous lover to bed. After all, nobody should be defined by their past, and you have so much to look forward to in the future.

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