Avoid Dating Single Moms

Should You Really Avoid Dating Single Mothers? Pros & Cons

Dating a single mother is one of those things that get a really bad rep. People just assume the very worst about the experience and are always quick to disregard these women as potential love interests.

Oh, how sadly mistaken they are!

In the sections below, we will take a closer look at what exactly why men avoid dating single mothers.

Why men do not date single moms

A good number of single men out there don’t date single moms. Another group wouldn’t mind but are not interested in something long-term. The reasons here vary from personal preferences to social stigma. In a nutshell, all these reasons can be summarized into five simple points, as explained in detail below. 

Sharing is hard

I know what you are thinking. What self-respecting grown man would be jealous of a little kid? Well, it happens more often than you think! The thing is, dating a woman with children calls for sharing of her time, energy, and love with her kids. And not everyone can handle this. 

Baby daddy drama

Dating A Single Mother

That is probably one of the few legitimate reasons why a man may shy away from dating a single mom. A few of them carry the baggage of exes forever tied to them through their children. And if you end up in a situation where there are unresolved issues, then it may cause more drama than you are comfortable with. 

Spontaneity flies out the window

This one is a common misconception when it comes to dating single mothers. A lot of people assume that once a woman has children, all their fire and impulsiveness go away. 

That is simply not the case! A lot of these women have adjusted so well to their lives as mothers that they know precisely how to live life without compromising on their children’s wellbeing. 

She might not exactly drop everything and follow you on a random trip around the world, but she might certainly be up for a surprise dinner or two. 

They have tight schedules

Men also believe that single moms just never have time for anyone other than their kids. That, again, is a common misconception.

Granted, they do not have as much time as your average single woman. However, when they are truly invested in the relationship, they tend to do their best to make time for their lovers. 

Fear of commitment

Finally, some men refuse to date single moms out of fear of commitment. It is a special situation because, unlike ordinary relationships, you are committing to more than one person. You promise your love, time, and interest, not only to the mom but also the children. Unfortunately, this may be a little bit too much for some to handle.

Dating a single mother can be as complex as dating someone who has never been in a relationship.

Hidden perks of dating a single mother

Happy Single Mom

There are a few good reasons why men are not so quick to get into it with single parents. However, none of the reasons highlighted above or others given elsewhere are good enough reasons never to date a single mom. 

What’s more, for every one reason not to date a single mom, I can give you two reasons why you should! 

Still not convinced?

Here are ten perks of dating single mothers! 

Plenty of love to go around

Mothers are innately the most loving of all creatures. The exciting thing is that their love does not extend only to their kids. If you are properly situated in her life, you have a lot of loving to look forward to. 

She will take good care of you

Single mothers also happen to have a very refined nurturing instinct. She is the type to do it all. And she won’t see you as a burden for it. Therefore, if you want a woman who will take good care of you, then you are in for quite a treat with single moms. 

No mind games; they know what they want

Single moms simply do not have the time it takes to play mind games. She knows exactly what she wants and will be direct about it. If you have been in the dating scene recently, then you know better than anyone else how this is a breath of fresh air. 

They crave adventure and are therefore very fun

Contrary to popular beliefs, single mums love to have fun. They just do not get to anymore because no one will invite them to fun trips and activities on account of their kids. However, if you plan something fun and exciting, you will get to see how adventurous these women can be. 

Womanly curves galore

Giving birth can do wonders for a woman’s body. They get all the right curves in all the right places. The hips get wider. The boobs get bigger. And they just have this beautiful, healthy glow to them. It is one of the sexiest things about having babies!

They are mature

Whether she is in her early twenties or late thirties, a single mom is a step above the rest as far as maturity is concerned. Having children forces them to grow up. You will appreciate this in the way she treats you, how she relates with other people in her life, and even how she fights with you. Dating a single mother is the best way to meet mature women.

They are not needy; they don’t have time for that

If you do not like it when women are needy then single moms will be perfect for you. They have too many other priorities to be preoccupied with you. You will still get to spend time together and chat back and forth like teen crushes. However, rest assured that you won’t have 100 texts in one day and breakdowns over how you do not give enough attention. 

Very strong and independent

Single moms do not need men. But they want them. They have mastered strength and learned the art of independence, and this is one of the most beautiful things about them. So, do not be surprised if she offers to pay or if she makes some of the moves herself. She is just used to getting things done. 

She is in it for the long run

These women do not have the time or energy to be playing short term games. A lot of them are looking for stability and security. While this might be a little daunting if you are looking for something casual, it is perfect if you are finally ready to settle. 

The kids are a lot of fun too

Finally, the kids are more of a bonus than they are a hindrance to your perfect love story. They make things enjoyable, and if you take the time actually to get to know them, you will fall in love with more than just their moms. 

So, would you date a single mom?

With all the information above, I hope the answer to this question is, at the very least, a tentative yes. Single mothers are awesome! They are fun, experienced, mature, and every bit as attractive as other single women. So give one a chance, and you will be surprised how rewarding the experience can be. Check out the Best Dating Sites for Single Parents!

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