Top Places for Meeting Single Moms

Places To Meet Single Moms

One of the biggest questions that single fathers often have is, “where can I meet single moms? Of course, being a father is not a requirement for dating single moms, but you get the idea. There are a lot of attractive single mothers out there who most men would be thrilled to go out with!

Single moms are hard-working women who are usually more averse to playing dating games and don’t have as much time to go out with you for a romantic evening. So, it is legitimate to think “Should I Really Avoid Dating Single Moms.”

The good news is – this makes them potentially good partners for men seeking a serious relationship.

The bad news is – they are harder to meet. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. You have to know where to meet single moms in the first place! And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

8 Best Places to Meet Single Mothers 


If you want to go somewhere, you can guarantee you’ll meet a single mom, go to a school. That includes the school parking lots and any school-related events. 

After all, single moms who have young children have to drop off and pick up their kids each day. PTA meetings, school events, and parent-teacher conferences will provide you your best opportunities.

Sports Games 

The next time you take your kid(s) to their weekend sports game, look around to see who else is hanging around in the stand watching their kids.

Single moms in sports stands are usually very friendly and approachable, so striking up a conversation shouldn’t be too difficult if you do your part.


Meet Single Moms At The Gym

Going to the gym to work out is something you should do a few times a week as part of taking care of your body.

It also provides a seamless environment for meeting other people, so long as you’re open and friendly, and find someone who is likewise. 

Who knows, maybe you can take off your earbuds and get a conversation going with the fit woman running on the treadmill next to you.  

Hiking Trails  

Many single mothers on the hunt for a new romantic partner will exercise daily to stay in shape. Besides going to the gym, these exercises can include going for a walk or run on hiking trails as well.

You’re usually bound to run into at least a few people while going for a hike out in the woods on a public trail. Get out in nature, and maybe you’ll run into an attractive single mother, you spot walking down from the other end.


Sometimes it can be easiest to meet a single mother if you’re out for a day with your children, only because it can be easier to strike up a conversation if both of you have your kids with you. 

For example, you could be open to other parents around you while watching your kids play at the park. Chances are good at least a few of those parents will be single moms. All you need to do is introduce yourself and get a conversation going!

That could be one of the few windows you have for meeting single moms as well because they don’t have many free hours during their day. 



Online dating apps and websites should present you with an easy way to meet single mothers. 

Most times, single women will directly state if they have kids on their dating profile and include pictures of them as well, thus leaving no mysteries to you.  Check our blog post about the best dating sites for single parents.

Community Events and Social Gatherings

There should be a myriad of community events held in the town where you could potentially meet single mothers. 

You can try going to cooking, yoga, art, writing, parenting, or DIY home improvement classes. Alternatively, you can go to business networking events or Meetup groups as well. 

What’s neat about going to classes, in particular, is how it’s a natural environment to meet and interact with people every day. Even if you don’t find anybody you’re interested in romantically, you will still likely make new friends.


Last but not least, are there any attractive single mothers in the office? Even if there’s not anybody you’re aware of, you can still do a little searching around. 


In this day and age, if you want to know where to find single moms, you can go virtually anywhere you can find people. 

Anyone of the above places in your town should present numerous opportunities to find single moms to approach and ask out.

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