How To Find The Right Guy

How to Find the Right Guy – A Guide to Meeting The Right Man

Are you finally ready for your happy ending?

Being single is the absolute bomb. You get to go wherever you want, stay out late, flirt with anyone, and basically just have unrestricted fun.

There’s no worrying about why he didn’t text you back or whose picture he just liked on Instagram.

Despite all that fun, it can get lonely, though.

But don’t worry!

You haven’t lost your “strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man” card for occasionally wanting to have someone in your life.

When you are finally ready to get back in the game and fight for your happy ending, there are a few steps you will need to take.

It’s not as easy as just waking up one day, wishing for Mr. Right and getting him the next day. But you could always try that just for good measure. Who are we to limit your fairy godmother’s abilities, right?

If that doesn’t work, and it probably won’t, here are 12 tips and tricks for how to find the right man.

How to increase your chances of meeting the right guy

Let “you know who” go

The most important tip when figuring out how to find the right man is to be the right girl. This means dealing with all your baggage and working to make yourself the very best version of you.

One key step here is letting go of any exes that you still have residual feelings for.

These guys keep you from being fully emotionally available and will always be that template upon which you base your unhealthy relationship comparisons.

So, let him go. Take as much time as you need.

Have faith

Choosing to put yourself out there in the search for true love is a real leap of faith. Above all else, you need to have faith in yourself and your worth. This is important as it ensures you will not settle for anything other than what is best for you.

You also need to have faith in the process. Whether you choose to find love online or through more old-fashioned ways, you will have some hits and misses. Just trust that things will work out, and they will.

Be prepared

As with any other opportunity, a romantic connection is something you need to be prepared for. There is, of course, the internal makeover you need to work on. This includes addressing any insecurities or hurtful past and starting the process of healing.

Being prepared also means working on your external self. Get in shape, figure out your style, and just take extra good care of yourself. You have nothing to lose!

fall in love with a man

Change your attitude

Nothing will slow your romantic progress for meeting the right guy as effectively as a horrible attitude. So drop it!

It could be anything from holding on to toxic stereotypes of the opposite sex to feeling you are above the whole process of finding love.

People pick up on these no matter how subtle you think you are. So check yourself before you ruin your own chances.

Get away from romcom and fairytale mentality of love

Love is not a fairytale. Single men in real life aren’t those perfect knights in shining armor that you grew up seeing in romcoms.

Unfortunately, these views might be etched so deep in your mind that you actually dismiss awesome guys because they didn’t meet those unrealistic expectations.

No guy is perfect. That’s why it’s Mr. Right and not Mr. Flawless.

Get off social media

Putting yourself out there is not just about being vulnerable. You actually have to get a social life, and this means putting down your phone and making some real-life friends.

Make time to go out whenever you can. It could be a fun girl’s night out, a new class, or even finally signing up to the gym.

In addition to giving you an actual life, freeing yourself from your social media cocoon also puts you in better situations to meet amazing people offline.

Leave your safe space for a minute (it’s not that bad)

You will not meet the right man or the man of your dreams stuck in your comfort zone.

I mean, if it hasn’t worked so far, then why should you keep trying the same things?

Instead, challenge yourself to try different activities:

  • Expand your social circle
  • Open yourself up to new ideas and experiences

This increases your chances of meeting new people, and maybe your beau is out there with them.

And if you start dating a guy who has never been in a relationship, don’t be scared to take the lead!

Consider unconventional dating platforms

finding the right man

These days, chance meetings at coffee shops, a friend’s birthday bash, or in the library do not happen as often. Things like online dating, speed dating, and matchmaking platforms are all the rage.

You might still like things old fashioned, but it really doesn’t hurt to throw your hat into one or all of these rings.

Remember the getting out of your comfort zone tip? Here is a great place to start!

You can even try international dating websites, and try to meet single men from abroad.

I heard that Eastern European men are great to date, and Argentine men are just so handsome! And you’ll be surprised to see that it is not so difficult to start a long-distance relationship.

Don’t settle, but don’t be too picky either

Is he right for me?

Well, one way to answer that is knowing what you want and what is right for you.

Feel free to be as cheesy as possible and come up with an actual physical list if you feel you must.

Include what you aren’t willing to compromise on and what you can negotiate when it comes to values and traits.

Then, whenever that question of whether or not he is right comes up, you can just consult your trusty little list.

Actively pursue your interests

If you are into sports and fitness, then join a local team or sign up for a gym. If you love art, then take a painting class. If it is music that gets you going, then why not learn a new instrument?

You are probably wondering right now, “How will this help me find a good man?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

On the one hand, it ensures that you are working on improving yourself as an individual and becoming Mrs. Right in your own right. (Pun very much intended.)

It also increases your chances of meeting the right man who is interested in the same things that you are.

Start your search from home base

Sometimes, this guy that you are looking for happens to be right under your nose.

It could be that old childhood friend you always had in the friend zone. Or maybe it is your colleague who keeps dropping hints that you just aren’t picking up.

Open your eyes to the potential already around you, and you might be surprised.

Stop trying too hard to find him

The greatest secret of how to attract the right man is simply not to try too hard.

I know, it is quite the paradox.

The thing is, if you try too hard, you might come across as desperate, which turns guys off fast. Trying too hard also frustrates you, which means you might end up giving up too early.

So relax and learn to take one day at a time. Your Prince Charming is going nowhere. He will come to you when his time is right! Maybe you’ll find a nice Virgo man to date, who knows?

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