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Best Places In The Dominican Republic For Single Guys

If you are a bachelor or recently divorced and looking for some much-needed party boost in the Dominican Republic, we got you covered!

You can use this article as your dating guide for navigating the dating scene and everyday life on this Caribbean island.

As someone who’s traveled extensively throughout Latin America, I assure you this is the place to be if you are into beauty, both nature and stunning Latinas.

We’ll cover some of the Dominican Republic’s best areas and places to be for a single man and give you tips on how to stay safe and take full advantage of your vacation.

So let’s take it away.

Punta Cana For Single Guys

punta cana For Single Guys

You are looking into the quintessential holiday escape of the Dominican Republic! Punta Cana’s white-sand beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and vibrant nightlife attract hundreds of thousands of young, attractive singletons. In other words, this is the place to be if you are a single guy looking for fun and love in the Caribbean.

Punta Cana During the Day

The Punta Cana night scene is amazing, but it’s no less impressive during the day.

All-inclusive Dominican Republic hotels and resorts within walking distance of beach bars and seafood restaurants are some of the best locations to hang out as a single guy looking for a fling or new friends.

Along with the amazing beaches (Bavaro, El Cortecito, and Macao beach) and swim-up bars, there are many other activities to choose from, including scuba diving, horseback riding, kite surfing, and many other fun things that young people enjoy trying.

If you are fortunate enough to be invited on a day trip to a private beach or a nearby island, you can mingle with other guests and pick up a nice Dominican lady.

Another great way to meet locals, whether guys or gals, is through shopping malls. Don’t be surprised if Punta Cana malls are not as fancy as those back home, but they are still a great choice for single guys wanting to meet local beauties.

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Nightlife in Punta Cana

This patch of paradise offers a wild nightlife created to give you the feeling like you are partying in Miami or even Las Vegas.

Although Punta Cana is a small town, all the tourists and foreigners coming for a taste of the laidback Caribbean life make it seem bigger and more versatile.

Overall, Punta Cana’s nightlife is concentrated in two major areas – Bavaro Beach and España Avenue.

These neighborhoods are two of the Punta Cana’s best areas to go bar hopping and meet local girls. Some famous party spots are:

  • Drink Point Bavaro,
  • Capri Beach House,
  • Steve’s Corner Bar,
  • Coco Bongo,
  • Imagine,
  • El Kan Drink House,
  • Living Room Bar,
  • Pearl Beach Club,
  • Legacy Disco, and many others.

Unfortunately, busy nightclubs and bars are swarmed with prostitutes and gold-diggers, who may be hard to recognize if you are a first-timer in Punta Cana.

Puerto Plata For Single Men

puerto plata For Single Guys

Foreigners and locals come to Puerto Plata to lie around the white sand beaches, sip on cocktails and soak up that good Caribbean sun. Meeting a fine girl or two is another plus!

Puerto Plata During the Day

If there is one thing that Puerto Plata doesn’t lack, it would be things to see and do to maximize your enjoyment.

The town’s main attraction is Playa Dorada. That is the center of all happenings, offering all-inclusive resorts, night-long parties, infinite beaches, family-friendly activities, and much more, all accompanied by spectacular views and heartwarming hospitality.

Playa Dorada mall is beside the beach, so if you feel you need to get away from the sun for a few hours, you can visit the local coffee shops or do some shopping. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up meeting your summer love.

Nightlife in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a pretty vibrant place during the day, but it seems like everything picks up at nightfall. It’s like the town wakes up and transforms into one massive dating pool where young, attractive foreigners and locals hang out together and mingle.

If you are looking for a hookup or a one-night stand, at night is the best time to put your charm to work.

Dominican women love hanging out at local bars and clubs. Some of those are:

  • Señor Rock Bar & Grill,
  • Marotte Disco Club,
  • Chalo Corner,
  • Kviar Show Disco,
  • Clubber Disco Puerto Plata, and many others.

The only problem is that many of these ladies are in pursuit of money. The Dominican Republic is an emerging country, so local women seduce tourists believing all foreigners are wealthy and ready to pay for their services.

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Santiago de Los Caballeros For Single Guys

Santiago de Los Caballeros For Single Guys

Unlike the other cities on this list, Santiago de Los Caballeros is not a beachfront location. However, being fairly close to Puerto Plata, it is also a great place for a day trip or to take your lady on a date away from the beach.

Santiago de Los Caballeros During the Day

If you are traveling solo, stick to busy areas such as the Bella Terra and Centro Plaza Internacional malls.

That will improve your chances of meeting Dominican ladies and ease the logistics, from hooking up to sightseeing.

If you want to widen your circle and leave the area, you can also try places like Colinas Mall, La Sirena, and Plaza Lama.

Nightlife in Santiago De Los Caballeros

Somehow, the night makes everyone relax and forget about their inhibitions. Logically, guys would try to score a date or a hookup at night rather than during the day.

The town offers decent nightlife and dating scenes. Some best bars and clubs to pick up Dominican women are:

  • Lover Bar,
  • Level Club,
  • Tabu Room,
  • Dubai Club,
  • 75 Grados, and many others.

However, the night also brings danger and crime. So stay with a group of people you know and trust, or try to lay low and not attract too much attention on the streets.

Santo Domingo For Single Men

Santo Domingo for singles guys

Solo travelers and ex-pats in the Dominican Republic looking for their next hookup usually gravitate to the Santo Domingo area. As a capital city of the Dominican Republic and one of the oldest cities on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Santo Domingo boasts stunning white sand beaches, an international airport, plenty of local and international cuisine restaurants, all-inclusive resorts, and a lot more.

Santo Domingo During the Day

There is plenty to see and do in the Dominican Republic’s capital. Ladies will not necessarily be as easy to approach, but you may still try your luck. Some of them will at least be polite enough to engage in a short chat with you.

Zona Colonial, El Conde, Piantini, The Old Town, and Malecon are some of the city’s nicer-looking and busier areas.

Here’s where you can find malls such as:

  • Agora,
  • Sambil,
  • the Acropolis,
  • Center Bellavista Mall,
  • BlueMall,
  • Galleria 360, and others.

If you are into sightseeing:

  • Columbus Lighthouse,
  • the Bellapart Museum,
  • and the Ozama Fortress are the biggest tourist spots in the city.

We also recommend visiting Jardin Botanico National, The 3 Eyes National Park, and Plaza de la Hispanidad for a day out under the pleasant Dominican sun.

Nightlife in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo offers a vibrant nightlife. These are some of the best areas to stick around if you want to pick up girls are Zona Colonial and El Conde. However, keep in mind these places are also swarmed with gringo-hunting prostitutes. So be careful who you go out with.

A bit more up-scale area would be Piantini, and as a solo traveler, you might want to make this your home base during your visit.

Avenida Venezuela is famous as one of the best places for everyone, young, single, and ready to mingle.

Some favorite party locations include:

  • Jet Set,
  • El Sartén,
  • Mamma Club,
  • Parada 77,
  • Sabina Bar Zona Colonial,
  • Gold Dance Club,
  • Bio Bar, and many others.

Many of these places will be within walking distance, making it perfect for bar-hopping and picking up hot Dominican girls.

Tips for Expats and Tourists in Dominican Republic

Tips for Expats and Tourists in dominican republic

Beware of prostitutes and hookers

As we already mentioned, Dominican Republic is a poor, developing country. Many women see foreigners and ex-pats as a ticket out of misery. Scoring a one-night stand would be easy here, but you can’t be sure what that girl likes better – you or your wallet.

Not every Dominicana is after your money, but it doesn’t hurt to be more careful about who you go to bed with. Some girls are not even straight-up hookers or prostitutes, but they would be down to sleep with you if you get them a nice gift or pay their rent/bills.

Dating Culture in the Dominican Republic

As much as local women enjoy dating foreigners, English, or any other language, is not often spoken on the island, even in the busiest tourist spots.

So if you don’t want to spend your nights on Google Translate, we suggest learning as much Spanish as possible before arriving in the Dominican Republic.

Another thing to keep in mind when fishing in the Dominican dating pool is your appearance. Local girls and women prefer well-dressed men who give off the feeling of a wealthy and put-together gentleman.

You should also get on some dating apps to boost your chances of meeting someone great even before you travel to the Caribbean.

If you are looking to date a Latina then these popular dating apps in the Dominican Republic are:

They are other ways to meet people from other countries you should try.

Enjoy Your Time in the Dominican Republic as a Single Man

Whether you choose to party in Santo Domingo or Punta Cana on the southern coast or prefer places like Puerto Plata in the north, you will always find something fun and exciting to do in the Dominican Republic. From luxurious Caribbean resorts to sexy vixens, chances are, you won’t want your solo trip ever to end.

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