Are You Guilty Of Micro-Cheating?

Are You Guilty Of Micro Cheating

What is micro-cheating?

Relationships these days are riddled with all sorts of infidelity landmines. With so much temptation out there, it is very easy to land yourself in trouble whether it is by innocently liking a social media post or striking up an online friendship with a stranger. You need to be very careful to tiptoe around these traps if you do not want your relationship to blow up.

One of the most interesting new pitfalls is micro-cheating. Micro-cheating is where you or your partner participate in subtle and seemingly inconsequential acts of physical or emotional unfaithfulness. You may or may not be aware that what you are doing is wrong which makes it all worse. If this is the case for you, here are a few signs that you can use to figure out whether or not you are guilty.

9 Signs you are doing it

You are keeping more and more secrets

Do you ever find yourself keeping things from your partner? It could be anything from a secret social media account to a recent night out with your pal where you made a new friend. You are most likely subconsciously keeping these events private because you do not want to make your spouse suspicious. This kind of behavior means that there is something to be suspicious about.

Telling one too many white lies

Micro-cheaters often tell a lot of white lies to cover for their poor actions. Because of the mild nature of this form of infidelity, usually, major lies are not involved. However, those little white lies are what make it wrong.

Your phone is a fortress

If you find yourself constantly protecting your phone from your partner, then you are probably guilty micro-cheating. You won’t leave your phone in the same room as your significant other even for a second. And when you do you leave it better protected than Fort Knox with complex passcodes and entry patterns.

You are still active on online dating sites

Not deleting online dating accounts like on AmoLatina is the most irrefutable piece of evidence that you are guilty of micro-cheating on There is truly no reason for you to maintain an active presence on online dating sites after getting into a committed relationship. This wandering eye often leads to emotional and even physical infidelity. So watch yourself before you wreck yourself.

Your conscience is eating you alive

Another major sign to be aware of is constant guilt. Even when you ‘haven’t done anything’ you end up feeling dirty and remorseful. More often than not this is your subconscious reacting to something that you know deep down you should not be doing.

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Holding on to past relationships

You might have had an awesome relationship with your ex. You probably don’t think you will ever find anything like it. These are normal feelings, but they are very unhealthy for relationships. If you keep holding on to the memory of past relationships, then you are micro-cheating. It comes about because you long for an emotional or physical connection with someone other than your current beau. However, the way you want to phrase it this is an undeniable breach of trust.

You get easily irritated when suspicions are brought up

Irritation is another way your subconscious awareness of your wrong actions manifests itself. Whenever your spouse asks too many questions or acts suspiciously, you immediately get aggressive and defensive. If you have nothing to hide, then you have no reason to fight.

Pushing your partner away emotionally

Micro-cheating will often cause you to push your partner away both physically and emotionally. You will find yourself not being present or attentive when you hang out with here. There is also the tendency to avoid physically hanging out with the person.

Your close friends keep reprimanding you

Finally, you will know when you are micro-cheating if your friends tell you that. Note that this only applies if you have friends who are aware of what it is and the fact that it is not ok. They will often warn you to be careful not to get caught.


If you exhibit even one of these signs, then you need to take a long hard look at your life. It is not a good road that you are heading down, and if you value your relationship, you need to do something about it. The signs will also come in handy if you wish to confirm suspicions that your spouse may be micro-cheating on you. Whatever the case, this form of infidelity is something you cannot afford to ignore whether you are the victim or the guilty party.

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