Is Online Dating Draining Your Energy

Online Dating is Exhausting But Here is How to Deal With It

Finding love is hard work

If you have tried online dating then you know it is a lot like getting a second job. There is research to be done, interviews to be conducted, correspondence to be engaged in and so much more. Ok; maybe that’s a tad bit of an exaggeration. It’s not all that bad. Online dating can be a lot of fun. However, if you do not organize your time wisely it will leave you exhausted; both emotionally and physically. Here are signs that you need a break as well as tips to help keep you sane as you go through the process.

Four ways that online dating takes its toll

1. You aren’t getting enough shut-eye

Have you ever found yourself up past midnight replying to texts from online matches on If the answer is yes then you, my friend, need a break. Online dating can be and is addictive. There is just something about all the attention you get that keeps you up all night. However, this could have serious negative effects on your life and health if it affects your sleeping patterns.

2. Your fingers are getting sore

Yes, that can actually happen. If you are constantly swiping left or right then your thumbs will have a lot to complain about. Maybe you are exhausting them with all the typing you are doing. Whatever the case, it is important to understand and appreciate these physical consequences of being glued to your phone in the name of online dating.

3. It is constantly on your mind

If online dating is all you ever think about, then it will leave you exhausted. You find yourself remembering that sweet compliment from John Online Dating Doe. Or it could be that you can’t get over the fact that you got ghosted by the girl of your dreams after finally plucking up the courage to text ‘hey’. This obsession will take a toll on you psychologically.

4. It’s just not fun anymore

If you find yourself no longer excited about the process, then there is a problem. You can’t bear to go on one more date. You groan and roll your eyes every time you receive a text because you know you have to get back to your ‘job’ and come up with a reply. That is one of the most common signs of online dating fatigue and will take away from the beauty of your experience.

How to deal with the fatigue

It is pretty clear now that online dating can be brutal. However, this isn’t a good reason to give up on it at all. All you have to do is figure out how to balance your life and manage your time. Here are five tips that should help.

Get a life

Sorry; but a little tough love here and there is important sometimes. Focusing on other aspects of life gives you a way to escape when it all gets too hard. Get a new hobby. Connect with your friends. With these distractions, you will not have to always turn to online dating to keep you occupied.

Have an actual schedule

If you are a type A planner, then this tip should work beautifully for you. Designate some time in your day to online interactions. The evening is, of course, the best time. It is also important as you do this to make your matches aware so that it doesn’t come across as if you are ignoring them.

Be selective about who you interact with

You do not have to respond to every message in your online dating inbox. Remember that you do not owe anyone anything. Pity replies drain your energy and waste your time as you, more than anyone else, know that the relationship is going nowhere. So stick to people you are interested in pursuing something long term with.

Move your relationship offline

Another way to avoid online dating fatigue is to move the relationship into the real world. Having actual dates is important as it helps you narrow down on matches that have Mr. or Mrs. Right potential. That way, you do not have to spend time or energy on relationships with no future.

Give yourself some time off

Just take some time to love yourself and take care of number one. This regrouping is important as it helps you figure yourself out before you go sharing your heart with someone else.

Go forth and date smartly

In a nutshell, online dating is not easy. However, with smart planning, you should be able to get the most out of the experience without burning out. The most important thing is to strike a healthy balance between your online and offline lives. With all the information provided above, this should be a piece of cake.

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