Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy: 5 No BS Easy Ways

So you’ve met the woman of your dreams, and now you want to know how to keep her happy.

One piece of advice:

Happiness comes from within.

You are not meant to make her happy; that’s her own job!

What you are aiming for is making her happy to be in a relationship with you.

Here is a list of how to do just that.

1# Don’t Put Her on a Pedestal

It will sound a bit counterintuitive, but you might want to give it a thought.

Putting her on a pedestal and trying to satisfy all her needs while neglecting your own will certainly backfire in the long run. If you want to know how to keep your girlfriend happy, the answer is simple — keep yourself happy first.


Well, putting her first in every situation means that you have stopped prioritizing yourself. We are not talking about being nice and loving to your gal and keeping her safe and content. We are talking about valuing her more than you value yourself.

And this applies to just everybody, not only to the woman you love. If you are not happy and satisfied with who you are, you will never make your girlfriend truly happy.

2# Be Your Girlfriend’s Biggest Fan

Being in a committed relationship shouldn’t stop the partners from having their own life. A relationship is no reason to ditch your dreams and aspirations. On the contrary, as partners, you need to be each other’s biggest fans. It will strengthen and deepen your bond.

Career-wise, women in long-term relationships/marriage tend to give up on a lot more than men for the sake of raising a family and creating a home. However, things have been changing a lot lately.

Women are famous multitaskers, and your girlfriend is probably no exception. Make sure that whatever she is trying to accomplish, you are always there to cheer her on.

Become an active listener and show genuine interest in her plans. Regardless of how farfetched or impossible her idea sounds to you, you’d want her to know that you believe in her, and you’d be there along the way.

Putting conscious effort is one way to make up to your girlfriend if you haven’t exactly been the most supportive boyfriend.

3# Show Your Romantic Side (From Time to Time)

Biologically speaking, women look for strong males who can pass good genes onto the offspring (regardless of whether they have children together or not).

But, this, under no circumstances, is a reason for you to be a total caveman! Your girlfriend probably appreciates your strong masculine side, but there is no harm in being romantic and vulnerable from time to time.

And while you don’t want her to be the center of your world, you still want her to feel special and appreciated:

  • Take her out for a nice dinner
  • Treat her to some breakfast in bed
  • Come home with a bunch of flowers on a random day
  • Buy her thoughtful gifts just because

Pamper your girlfriend but don’t overdo it.

Keeping things versatile and fun will be enough for her to stay interested and invested. Happy girlfriend, happy life, right?

4# Prioritize Sex

Not trying to tell how to feel up your girlfriend, but, yeah, sex makes women glow! Sex is an must have in a relationship that you can not ignore!

Women are sexual beings and enjoy being sexually intimate as much as men do. And what’s a better place to show how attractive you find your girlfriend than in the bedroom?

Take your time to learn what she wants. Every woman is different, but they all want to feel sexy and desired. Don’t be afraid to show her how much you want her. It will boost her confidence and make her glow!

So, guys, if you are still wondering how to make it up to your girlfriend, good ol’ sex can be the way!

5# Don’t Be Needy

It is a rookie mistake that will get you nowhere with a girl. Maybe, in the beginning, she will find your excessive texting and calling cute, but once your relationship is out of the honeymoon stage, it will make her run for the hills!

It’s fine to show your devotion, but she will appreciate your independence and self-confidence equally as much. A little bit of mystery (but not to manipulate her) will keep her on her toes.

Wrapping It Up

“How to keep my girlfriend happy?” is the question that leaves most guys confused.

While there’s no one right answer, there is a wrong one, and that’s trying too hard. Instead, focus on making her happy to be with you. Be the man she needs, not the man she thinks she wants.

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